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iboss Email Security Overview

Email Security – Spam

Emails are an essential part of daily business, yet they can also pave the way for potential security threats. iboss Email Spam is a cloud-based SaaS that protects email against sinister security threats including spam, virus, DoS, phishing and worms. Scanning completely in the cloud ensures only valid emails are received and prevents spam and threats from entering your network and consuming network resources. iboss Spam is successful as a standalone product or integrated within the iboss Reporter, providing a 360-degree view of network traffic.

iboss Spam Boss Diagram


Comprehensive Security

  • Spam/malware, reputation-based filtering
  • Blended, cloud-based anti-virus
  • Anti-phishing
  • Denial of service and rate control protection
  • Data-loss prevention

Cloud Based

  • DoS and rate-control protection
  • Clocks threats before entering network
  • Conserves bandwidth
  • Simple and easy integration

Unified Security Console

  • Unified console – integrates with iboss for central reporting and control
  • Combined information for Web, email, DLP, applications, bandwidth, IPS, AV, and Firewall


  • User-based filtering
  • Individual quarantines
  • Auto alert users of spam msg in inbox
  • Web-based interface


The iboss Email Security interface is password protected and administered through a standard web browser. There is no software to install in order to use and configure the iboss.

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