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Ensure Regulatory Compliance: CIPA, HIPAA, PCI, SOX, and FISMA

Securing the Road Warriors

The deployment of mobile devices is growing within your organization. Mobile computing proves to be very effective in increasing efficiencies, productivity and communication. So from a technical perspective, it’s understandable that you’re concerned with securing these devices while on and off premise, not to mention managing compliance while enforcing the acceptable-use policy.

It’s a Mix. Mac, iOS, Android, Windows, Google Chrome.

iboss Mobile Security offers solutions for mobile devices on different platforms. Management
is complete through one central console regardless of whether it’s a mixed-mobile deployment.

Mobile Platforms

Eliminate Blind Spots.
Secure Across SSL.

Much of the web traffic created on mobile devices utilize SSL/HTTPS encryption. With the ability to scan across SSL/HTTPS traffic, compliance and embedded threats protection is enforced regardless of how access to these sites is made. Secure Anywhere. On- and off-premise Security

Eliminate Blind Spots. Secure Across SSL

Secure Anywhere. On- and off-premise Security.

Dynamically secure devices when on or off premise. Cloud or on-premise solutions are available, creating easy-to-implement security on a distributed enterprise.

Secure Anywhere.  On- and off-premise Security.

Who. What. When.
Expansive Reporting.

Whether on or off premise, log management — including reporting on all user activity by name of threats, violations events, even keywords used — are consolidated to the iboss Reporter. Dynamically search or automatically schedule reports for compliance or threat analysis.

Mobile Device Tracking For Direct Reporting

Ease-of Management. Consolidated Controls and Reports.

The rise in mobile computing has increased the risk for remote users and complicated efforts to secure this newer technology. When mobile users reconnect outside the network, iboss provides security to these users via onsite appliances or through hosted solutions. Central policy management and reporting simplifies administration and allows IT to identify threats. With robust HTTPS trac-scanning, iboss mobile security has the ability to identify embedded HTTPS threats while enforcing the AUP across the HTTPS track. Remote security can also be applied to branches and remote locations where a cost-effective solution to secure these networks is sought.

Ease-of Management. Consolidated Controls and Reports.
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Intelligent Bandwidth Management / QoS

Enables organizations to extend access while ensuring mission critical services continue uninterrupted.

Cloud Management

Manage and control all deployed on/off premise devices from one user friendly central interface.