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MobileEther Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM)

Compliance Ready Mobile Device Management (MDM/EMM)
Issue: Your network is expanding its use of mobile devices including iPads and Androids. The need for devices to meet regulatory compliance such as CIPA, HIPAA, PCI, and FISMA is eroding the effectiveness of traditional MDM. The necessity for these devices to be directory aware, secure against data loss, identify and mitigate Malware and provide compliance ready reports are simply not found in traditional MDM offerings.

Solution: MobileEther EMM provides all key benefits of traditional MDM but expands security to encompass HTTP/S web filtering, intrusion detection and prevention, data loss protection, Malware security, email security and compliance ready reporting. The MobileEther EMM security suite ensures mobile devices meet regulatory compliance and acceptable use policies. Simple integration with over-the-air deployment combined with compressive security suite reduced total cost of ownership (TCO). MobileEther EMM extends mobile device security where MDM leaves off.

Compliance Ready MDM

Key Compliance Benefits: CIPA, HIPAA, PCI, SOX, and FISMA

  • - Provide HTTP/S web filtering with flexible user access and directory integration.
  • - Identify and secure unencrypted sensitive data transmissions including credit card information or social security numbers and provide detailed reports.
  • - Scan traffic for embedded threats including malware, botnets, new and unknown threats to prevent exploits.
  • - Sophisticated signature and heuristic based intrusion prevention and detection identify threats and anomalies protecting network and optimizing resources.
  • - Cloud based email security scans emails including attachments for viruses, malware, data loss, and protect against DoS attacks.
  • MobileEther EMM Feature Overview:
  • Directory Based User Authentication
  • User Authorization
  • User and Device Activity Reporting
  • Central Console to Manage Filtering and Reporting
  • Create Shared Content Apps for Organization
  • Volume Purchasing Program Management
  • Allow Delegates to Push Content to Other Organization Devices
  • Custom App Creation
  • Secure Sensitive Documents on Devices
  • Dynamically Filter Apple App Store by Rating/Age/Type
  • Geomap Device Locations on Live Map
  • Scan, Wipe, Push Apps
  • Manage App Delivery, Security, Updating
  • Push Services
  • Apple iOS 7 Compatible
  • 360 EMM Security Suite Feature Overview:
  • Cloud Based HTTP/S Filtering
  • Intrusion Detection/Protection
  • Data Loss Protection
  • Malware and botnet defense
  • Email Security
  • Threat and Event Reporting
  • Threat and Resource GeoMapping Technology
  • Packet Level Heat Map Technology
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Desktop Recording

Allowing you to automatically record and store a user’s desktop based on activity threshholds.

Clustering Filters
& Load Balancing

Allows live clustering between one
or multiple units through a Network.