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Tools designed for the Internet Service Providers and Managed
Service Providers (ISP/MSP)

Unmatched Performance and Integration

With flexible integration based on your preference, our inline or out-of-band integration options deliver the flexibility required. Load balancing and integrated clustering options provide redundancy with ease of management. The stream-based design allows iboss products unmatched throughput even when inline. With industry leading throughputs of 10G and single appliance capabilities of over 6,000,000 concurrent TCP/IP connections, iboss products create unparalleled performance.

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Bind to Active Directory, eDirectory, LDAP,

Typically, binding to a single directory is sufficient for a single enterprise. Yet this leaves service providers filtering their clients by subnet or IP ranges, reducing flexibility and providing little insight on user activity outside of simply an IP address.

Service providers require unique configurations such as the ability to bind to multiple mixed directories even against a single appliance. iboss Secure Web Gateway provides filtered access to the web for your clients while binding to each of their directories even if they are mixed, providing reports by user name not simply IP. This creates great value for clients while minimizing management.

Flexible Deployment Through The Cloud

Delegation With “Real World” Control

Granular delegation allows your clients more access to control by directory group or users. This breaks the mold of generic IP or subnet based delegation. Clients gain more insight on policy, reporting, and sub delegation, greatly increasing productivity and reducing overhead at the service provider.

Micro Delegation

More Than Just Secure Web Gateway

Each iboss product line is designed with the service provider in mind. By leveraging filtering, mobile device management and email security, ISPs can extend their product offerings with centralized oversight.

BYOD Management
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Mac Address Filtering

iboss has the ability to fully integrate with existing network switches and routers for applying Mac address identification.

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