Behavioral DLP & APT Defense Overview

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iboss Behavioral DLP & APT Defense

Ensure Regulatory Compliance: HIPAA, PCI, SOX, and FISMA

Secure against Malware, Botnet, Data Loss, and DoS

Issue: New cyber threats are emerging every second and your network resources are under constant pressure. Threats such as Trojans, botnets, malware and exposed data such as unencrypted SSN and credit card information can hide amongst the millions of packets flowing through your network. These threats expose the network and communicate sensitive information to host around the world. You need a method to effectively identify and prevent these threats in an effective manner.

Solution: iboss Behavioral DLP & APT Defense actively scans your network through Layer 7 and across all 65,535 ports utilizing signatures and heuristics to effectively identify and prevent threats and sensitive data loss. To effectively sort through the millions of packets flowing through your network, the iboss Threat & Event Console dynamically tracks threats through its exclusive GeoMapping technology. The iboss GeoMapping technology maps who your network is communicating with across the world allowing you to visually identify potential threats by viewing them on dynamic maps. This technology provides unmatched network insight, shortening threat responses, while reducing the time spent reviewing logs.

IPS/IDS/Threat Diagram

Shift How You Identify Threats – Not Just What, But Who and Where?

The growing sophistication of cyber threats including malware and data loss along with new potential of network peripherals ‘phoning home’ have eroded the effectiveness of current log based threat detection and reporting. iboss Behavioral DLP & APT Defense systems change how we approach threat identification and mitigation by addressing who and where your connecting to from simply what. By utilizing exclusive features such as threat GeoMapping and heat maps technology, iboss Behavioral DLP & APT Defense systems provide instant visual insight to pinpoint threats across a global map. This system shortens increases insight, shortens mitigation response and reduces the total cost of ownership (TCO).

Regulatory Compliance

With increased compliances across industries along with the ongoing need to ensure sensitive information such as credit cards and social security numbers are not compromised, the need to scan traffic to identify potential data loss is essential. iboss Behavioral DLP & APT Defense transparently scans network traffic identifying potential inbound and outbound data loss. The potential data loss is identified, quarantined and reported through automation.

iboss Reports

Advanced Threat Detection and Mitigation

Utilizing a signature and heuristic based to track known and unknown threats, iboss Behavioral DLP & APT Defense provides intrusion detection and prevention across all 65,535 ports detecting network anomalies. In addition, the blended signature database identifies malware, botnets, and emerging threats at the gateway optimizing network resources and reducing infections. Threats are identified, mapped, mitigated reducing management overhead securing network resources.

Layer 7 Port Security Secures all 65,535 ports

Threat Geomapping

Shift your approach in how we identify threat. It’s no longer what is on your network but rather who and where your network is connecting. This shift in threat identification provides a new approach on threat mitigation. iboss Behavioral DLP & APT Defense Systems’ real time GeoMapping tracks threats and connections globally and dynamically reverse map IP to present the organization information along with physical location.

Identify Threats. Report Traffic

Know Them By Name – Directory Integration

With the expansion devices accessing the network including mobile devices and, relying on IP based reporting has grown limited in is ability to effectively identify threats. Theiboss Behavioral DLP & APT Defense integrates with directories including Active Directory, eDirectory, OpenLdap, Oracle ID, and others providing user and group based reporting and alerts.

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