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URL Database

The iboss URL database covers millions of sites and is updated in real-time as sites are accessed and become available on the Internet. These are human reviewed and immediately added to the URL database. The URL database is categorized into 50+ categories including 30+ application signatures.

Hybrid Cloud Zero-Day URL Database

Hybrid Cloud Database

Real-Time Push Updates

The iboss provides the best of cloud services and local database access to provide a live real-time URL database feed. QuickPush technology provides instantaneous updates instead of typical daily or weekly "blocklist" downloads. With the iboss Enterprise, automatic URL updates are managed for you at our central gateways. As the Internet grows and changes you can rest assured that the iboss Enterprise is always accurate and up-to-date.

Zero-Day Updates

As proxies and malicious sites pop up on the Internet on a second-by-second basis, your network cannot afford to wait until the next database updates download to catch up to the pesky threats. iboss utilizes a hybrid-breed, industry-leading database to ensure you are up-to-date as soon as the threats arise.

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Archiving Analysis
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Reclaim your bandwidth with detailed statistics with the Threat & Event Console.

Intelligent Bandwidth Management / QoS

Enables organizations to extend access while ensuring mission critical services continue uninterrupted.