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iboss Secure Web Gateway Solution Overview

Ensure Regulatory Compliance: CIPA and HIPAA

Issues: It’s become increasingly more difficult to manage networks by filtering URLs. With the emergence of Web 2.0 and HTTPS, as well as the onslaught of mobile devices and BYOD which have become a big part of day-to-day operations, it’s become imperative to secure networks beyond simply the wired devices. In addition, generic reporting of URL access fails to provide complete insight on the network resources utilized, and it lacks the ability to pinpoint the latest threats.

Solution: To address the “new Web,” iboss Secure Web Gateway secures all aspects of Internet traffic including web filtering, SSL access, applications, bandwidth throttling/QoS, on/off-premise mobile security, and BYOD management tools all of which are combined with best-of-breed network threat and reporting dashboards in one solution. This comprehensive security suite gives you the tools you need to secure all aspects of Internet traffic. By inspecting across 65,535 ports, iboss tracks and manages applications such as Web Ex and Google Docs, including SSL on nonstandard ports while providing unmatched network insight. All iboss filters include the iboss Threat & Event Console for unmatched packet level insight.

Application, HTTPS, Web 2.0

Web 2.0 introduced the need to protect traffic outside standard Port 80 and 443. New applications such as torrents, annonymizers, and chat applications such as Yahoo and Google Chat must use nonstandard ports for communication. Securing these ports ensures network compliance and reduces threat exposure while enforcing the organization’s acceptable use policies (AUP).

Layer 7 Port Security Secures all 65,535 ports

iboss Secure Web Gateway Combines:

  • Web Security (HTTP/S)
  • Scanning Inside SSL
  • Layer 7 Application Management DPI/Heuristics/Signatures
  • BYOD Management- Authentication, Bandwidth, High Risk Quarantine
  • Mobile Security - On/Off Premise Security
  • Bandwidth Throttling and QoS
  • Integrated Threat & Event Console
iboss Reports

Identify Threats & Report Traffic

iboss Secure Web Gateway contains the powerful iboss Threat & Event Console to provide best-of-breed network reporting, forensic search abilities, and drill-down detail of all network traffic. The iboss Threat & Event Console provides dynamic real-time threat dashboards to pinpoint threats, bandwidth usage, and user activity. It also includes the Bandwidth Plotter, so administrators can track bandwidth consumption through a bandwidth plotter and heat map charts, plus search functions to track individual connections. The proprietary Global Geotagging Map over IP provides live visual insight on where network traffic is originating from, across the globe.

Identify Threats. Report Traffic

Protect Network Resources

iboss Bandwidth Management delivers control and visibility of network traffic. Flexible policies can be applied to throttle non-critical traffic during peak hours while ensuring that network-critical access is retained. With its real-time bandwidth logs and comprehensive data reports, IT can identify the area of bandwidth usage. Advanced controls allow policies to be set by predefined categories, domain, IP, or TCP/UDP and then applied to different groups. Management is refreshingly seamless and simple.

Protect Network Resources

Social Media Content Management

Expansive social media management options provide “clean” access to YouTube, Google Management Suite and both their services. They also offer Google Clean Image Search and page-content control for social media sites.

Social Media Management
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