Next Gen Secure Web Gateway & Active Directory

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Active Directory/LDAP/Domain Controller Integration

The iboss Enterprise Web Filter permits organizations to set policies based on users and groups defined in Microsoft Windows Active Directory, Novell eDirectory, OpenDirectory, or Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP).

NTLM Single Sign-on

With the iboss Enterprise, the user authentication is done automatically and transparently using NTLM Single Sign-on technology. This ensures there are no unnecessary prompts to access the Internet while providing dynamic filtering based on the currently logged in user.

Multiple Active Directory Domains

The iboss Enterprise Web Filter can authenticate users from multiple Active Directory servers, even if the servers are part of completely separate domains and forests. Easily add multiple servers within the iboss to authenticate against different Active Directory domains automatically.

Super User Override

Active Directory Groups

The iboss Enterprise Web Filter allows seamless integration with existing Active Directory groups. The iboss filtering groups match the Active Directory groups in a one-to-one fashion for easy filtering configuration. If a user is added to a group on your Active Directory server, there is no need to add the user within the iboss as it will automatically be filtered under the Active Directory Group.

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Desktop Recording

Allowing you to automatically record and store a user’s desktop based on activity threshholds.

Mac Address Filtering

iboss has the ability to fully integrate with existing network switches and routers for applying Mac address identification.