NAT Overview

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iboss NAT Overview

Ensure Regulatory Compliance: HIPAA, PCI, SOX, and FISMA

Comprehensive Network Perimeter Security Firewall, Malware, Botnet, Intrusion Prevention, and VPN Services.

The iboss Next-Generation Firewall provides signature-based port scanning with advanced Intrusion Detection and Prevention System (IDPS), application analysis, and a deep stateful packet inspection (DPI) engine. These powerful features collaborate to identify threats beyond typical port-focused inspection, securing all 65,535 ports. Meanwhile, for a layered approach to security, the integrated Intrusion Detection and Prevention System gateway delivers antivirus and malware protection by scanning and guarding against known and unknown threats. Integration with directory services and user-based threats and activity expand network insight yet reduce operating costs.

iboss Firewall Includes:

  • Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) technology.
  • Built-in DHCP server and DNS forwarding.
  • Capability of handling millions of concurrent streams.
  • LDAP/Active Directory/eDirectory integration.
  • Straight-forward creation of port-forwarding rules and one-to-one NAT.
  • Gateway malware/virus/botnet protection, secured before traffic enters the network.
  • Gateway Intrusion Detection, Prevention, plus DLP.
  • Virtual Private Network (VPN) capabilities to connect multiple remote sites and users to local network.
  • Integration withFilter and Threat & Event Reporter
Firewall Interface and Activity Monitor

Secure Beyond Port-Based Security
Regulatory Compliance for: PCI, HIPAA, SOX, FISMA

The ever-growing need to access more of the web for essential operational functions is eroding the effectiveness of port-based firewalls. To maintain uninterrupted operations and secure industry compliance such as PCI, HIPAA, SOX, and FISMA, iboss ensures that access to “mission critical” websites and applications remains uninterrupted while simultaneously identifying and effectively mitigating hidden threats. The integrated Intrusion Detection and Prevention System (IDPS) and Data Loss Protection (DLP) in the iboss NGFW actively scan all 65,535 ports, detecting threats such as anomalies, denial of service attacks, botnets and even data loss from the unencrypted transfer of personal information. In addition, the Secure Web Gateway module offers more than the basic HTTP/S filtering, application firewall, and bandwidth management (QoS).
It also includes the iboss Event & Threat Reporter for unmatched network control and insight.

Gateway Antivirus

Gateway Antivirus and Malware Security

By blending a best-of-breed Bitdefender antivirus/malware signatures and heuristic database with Phantom Technologies’ antivirus/malware database at the gateway, organizations achieve a layered security approach to an already existing structure. Packets are scanned at the gateway, utilizing zero-day signatures that clear traffic flowing to the workstations of potential threats and protect network resources from exposure to new threats.

iboss Next-Generation Firewall Interface

Prevent Unwanted Packet Flows In and Out of the Network

With an intuitive interface, the firewall allows you to easily create ACL rules to prevent unwanted TCP and UDP streams from entering or leaving the network. In addition, the firewall makes it easy to allow valid streams to reach their destination. Out of the box, the hardened firewall prevents untrusted WAN connections from entering the network with little to no effort.

iboss Next-Generation Firewall Interface

The Distributed Enterprise – VPN

The advanced built-in VPN capability allows network administrators to give access to the local network for users that travel or work off site. Unlike traditional VPN solutions, which require a lot
of manual interaction between the network administrator and user needing VPN access, the iboss Enterprise Firewall can send VPN client software and configuration to the client via email directly from the interface. In addition, users can utilize their existing Active Directory, eDirectory or LDAP credentials to authenticate to the VPN while connecting to the network.

Site-to-site VPN connectivity has never been easier. The iboss Enterprise Firewall handles all the difficult tasks of connecting two or more remote sites securely with just a few simple steps. It does this while still maintaining strong SSL certificate-based encryption, so security is not compromised.

iboss Next-Generation Firewall Distributed Enterprise
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Archiving Analysis
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Reclaim your bandwidth with detailed statistics with the Threat & Event Console.

Hybrid Cloud Zero-Day
URL Database

Utilizing a closed-loop, real-time push database so your network is always up
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