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Ensure Regulatory Compliance: SOX, FISMA, and PCI

Issues: Managing separate systems to identify data loss, intrusions, web access, and mobile security creates hurdles and delays threat identification.

Solution: Consolidating systems into a central reporting dashboard while utilizing packet level inspection, geomapping, and resource tracking, iboss provides the information you need in a powerful format.

Securing mobile devices.
Flexibility for those who need it

Financial organizations are expanding the use of mobile devices, which creates the need to not only manage devices but also extend compliance. iboss Mobile security solutions and mobile device management (MDM) ensure organization-owned devices such as iPads are compliant but also track web access activity to a centralized reporter. In addition, advanced MDM controls such as triggers and filtering of the APP store identify unapproved apps or configurations alerting administrators as it happens.

Securing mobile devices. Flexibility for those who need it

Compliance and data security made easy

Financial service organizations face multiple threats, both internal and external. iboss Network Security products are designed to secure web access, monitor threats, provide email security, and identify data loss such as SSN or credit card information being transferred unsecured. With the powerful iboss Reporter, administrators have one central dashboard, which can see across all areas of security, from email communication to network intrusion.

Compliance and data security made easy

Save time and reduce cost

iboss systems are designed for automation. This includes automatic creation and delivery of compliance and human resource reports, backup of system profiles, and automated backup of report log data. This minimizes the time and resources spent in configuration and management.

Save time and overhead

Unmatched insight resolves threats quickly

iboss Activity and Threat Reporter provides top-down threat identifiers with packet-level insight. Unique dynamic geomapping pinpoints a threat’s physical location around the globe by reverse mapping the threat IP to the originating organization. (This sentence is pretty confusing, but I have tried to clarify it and believe I tried on that prior batch of edits as well.) It uses drill down to identify loss of resource, data, bandwidth, DLP, emails, and web activity by directory user name.

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Mac Address Filtering

iboss has the ability to fully integrate with existing network switches and routers for applying Mac address identification.

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