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Ensure Regulatory Compliance: CIPA, PCI, and HIPAA

Issue: The expansion of fiber has created a need for solutions that scale to support these high-speed networks. To facilitate greater end-user experiences, there have been requests for granular-group and user-based access for faculty, as well as solutions that address the growth of BYOD users. Meanwhile, managing resources, such as bandwidth and protection against threats, not to mention delegated access for reports, has become a priority for higher education departments, e.g., human resources.

Solution: Designed to scale, iboss products are stream-based and support over 6,000,000 TCP/IP connections per appliance with clustering capabilities built in for expanded growth. With the most flexible deployment options on the market, the iboss line will adjust to fit into any network whether inline or out of band. The iboss Reporter and Log Management solution provides a forensic level of access to logs with delegated access for each department.

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Layer 7 scanning of all ports beyond port 80 and 443 protects all aspects of your network. The blended security of Bit Defender and Phantom Malware/AV and botnet protection make sure the latest threats are identified, as well. Visual threat dashboards pinpoint these threats to their physical locations, providing unmatched insight for your network.

Cost Effective: iboss Web Filters provide a turnkey solution to network security. There is no additional hardware, software licenses or database licenses to purchase or manage reducing overall cost and preserving valuable time.

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Flexible Deployment

With options for inline, out of band, clustering, load balancing, and distributed enterprise, iboss provides flexible integrations, minimizing network changes. The built-in clustering module creates redundancy against multiple units regardless of whether it’s distributed to remote sites. Additional network interfaces allow for easy integration and support for physically segmented networks commonly found in BYOD network topologies.

Hybrid Cloud Flexible Deployment

Unmatched Insight Resolves Threats Quickly

iboss Activity and Threat Reporter provides top-down threat identifiers with packet-level insight. Unique, dynamic geomapping pinpoints threats from their physical locations around the globe, reverse-mapping the threat IP to the originating organization and drilling down to identify loss of resource, data, bandwidth, DLP, emails, and web activity by directory user name.

Threat Dashboard Geo Mapping

Micro Delegation

Delegation allows key administrators to access critical information when they need it. Yet a common concern is only allowing them access to specific information without over exposure. iboss provides a delegated view of the network that goes beyond subnets and IP range access to permit viewing by directory or local group. More specific access to reports minimizes overhead and management.

Micro Delegation

Advanced HTTPS/SSL Scanning

Educational organizations are increasingly dealing with concerns related to the increased utilization of SSL traffic. Much of this traffic is valid for banking, email, and other sensitive applications. However, many applications that violate the organizational AUP also utilize SSL, creating the need to scan across SSL. iboss provides dynamic filtering of SSL traffic by allowing access only to approved content.

Advanced HTTPS/SSL Scanning

BYOD Management

With the growth of BYOD surging across campuses, managing these users creates new hurdles in managing web access and also protecting network resources. iboss filters provide comprehensive tools to manage BYOD access. These include binding to LDAP to authenticate users and bandwidth management tools to protect resources.
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BYOD Management

QoS/Bandwidth Management

Managing bandwidth resources is vital to ensure uninterrupted operations. With the growth of BYOD and web application, utilization of bandwidth is ever increasing. iboss filters provide comprehensive tools to manage bandwidth by binding control of resources to your directory for ease of implementation. This provides flexible controls, ensuring that mission-critical traffic is connected while throttling recreational traffic.

QoS/Bandwidth Management

Threat Dashboard

Powerful dashboards provide up-to-the-second information on all web accesses and packet-level bandwidth consumption, as well as detailed heat maps to pinpoint network resource utilization and threat maps with drill-down detail. Unique geomapping visually locates external threats to your network while reverse-mapping IPs to originating organizations provides unmatched insight.

Threat Dashboard

YouTube Management Suite

With the growing popularity of YouTube in the classroom, educational organizations seek methods of managing access. iboss provides several options for controlling YouTube content to make sure that ads and inappropriate comments are removed and only approved material is accessed. In addition, the ability to control bandwidth to these sites ensures network resources are not over-utilized. Group-based policies provide flexible access by membership.

Google Clean Image and Translation

Due to caching by Google of image and translation content, access to Google Images or Translation proves challenging because it becomes a liability due to the difficulty of content management. However, by using dynamic filtering of Google images and translation results, which go beyond standard Safe Search, iboss ensures the AUP is always enforced without limiting end-user access.

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YouTube for Schools

iboss works directly with YouTube.com to redirect access for users to administrator controlled YouTube library.


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